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On Thursday: Voice of the Nation will be giving updates on what is happening on the marriage front including the start of the People’s Veto in Maine, and the newest fight opening up this week in New York.  Joining us this week to talk about the situation in New York is Jason McGuire, Legislative Director at  New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom and Chief Operating Officer of the NYFRF (NY Family Research Foundation).

Jason served as a pastor for eleven years but felt compelled to leave the pulpit to represent families and Christian values at the state level.  He currently works to influence and support legislators and family friendly legislation through the NY Assembly and Senate.

In the face of a culture that is becoming overtly secular and hostile to religious values, Jason believes that Christian churches must speak up concerning the moral issues with which our culture is contending.  Jason and his wife Lorenne were married in 1996 and have four children.

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