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Scare Tactics on Parade:

Health authorities say almost a hundred children have died from the flu and 46 states now have widespread flu activity… I can only imagine that there might have been some difficulty in (getting those children the) flu shot.  So many are in that predicament, so many do not have access to doctors and clinics and health insurance or a vigorous, robust public option”

—Sheila Jackson Lee, Congresswoman

On Thursday– This week on “Voice of the Nation” we will be discussing the healthcare scare being pushed through congress.  Congress is trying to push nationalized healthcare through the House and Senate, yet polls show that the American people absolutely do not support government run healthcare.  After a summer of discussion, concern and voicing our objections to the healthcare policies being put forward by this congress the concerns of the people are not being heard.

Join us as we speak with Cheryl Flake, wife of Congressman Jeff Flake of Arizona, about what is going on in Congress. With personal experiences involving their son, Cheryl believes that if they didn’t live here in the US with the great medical care and advancements available here, her son would be severely handicapped.

Guest: Cheryl Flake – Cheryl is the wife of Congressman Jeff Flake who represents the 6th district of Arizona.  She has worked on Capitol Hill for Senator Heinz, and has taught private piano and voice for 14 years.  Besides being a dedicated mother to her five beautiful children, Cheryl also serves on her elementary school’s PTO board and is active in Mesa Republican Women, church and community.  Cheryl received an associate degree from Brigham Young University and was on the International Performing Group, The Young Ambassadors.


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